Tinago, Surigao’s Hidden Little Palawan

So I get this a lot…..

Rhea, where are you from?

I am from Surigao.

Where is Surigao?

Then here comes my introduction about my city. It’s at the north-easternmost tip of Mindanao. It’s about 2 hours away from Butuan City. If you have heard of Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines,  that’s in Surigao.

I would look at the person with a distorted face because most of the time they still didn’t have a clue. Sometimes, I would feel incompetent thinking my description of Surigao is bland. But this was back then. When Surigao was still hardly featured on TV, or in magazines or blogs. It’s impossible not to notice a city with such a majestic enchantment to the people. With its natural beauty and warm welcoming locals, Surigao is an island of adventures that will surely leave you in awe.



When I first heard of Tinago, first thing that comes to my mind, it’s off the beaten path. (Tinago which means hidden in English) The locals dubbed it as Surigao’s Little Palawan because of the similarity of the place to Palawan’s famous lagoons and rock formations. It’s about an hour trip from Surigao City, 45 minutes from Surigao’s Bus Terminal, and 15 minutes from Placer’s Municipality to the Tinago Resort.

Multicab Ride to Placer


Multicab ride costs P45.00/$1  per person to Placer’s port.

Boat ride costs between P600.00 – P800.00 / $12-$16 back and forth depends on what you have agreed upon with the boat owner and depends on how many passengers on the trip.  (Tip: You can haggle a little bit but if you don’t plan to stay in the resort for a long time, the driver can actually wait for you and that should make the cost lesser. If you plan to stay longer, bring you something to eat or you can buy some fish or meat at Placer’s market and you can grill it at the resort.)



I know it’s kind of costly to P1500.00/$31 for a cottage in a resort that hasn’t been fully developed yet and no modern amenities  but the natural beauty of Tinago makes it all worth it.






My vacation in Surigao has always been wonderful because I get to see my family and friends but this time, it’s even more wonderful. I knew ever since Surigao has so much potential to be a tourist destination although I haven’t seen so much of it yet. Surigao has an enigma that sometimes only real adventurers can fathom and appreciate. A Surigaonon just like everybody else dreams of going to far away places, most of the time to foreign lands to see places as beautiful as this when in fact, an enormous beauty of nature is just within our reach.



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