Mangrove Tour, Langkawi Malaysia

Traveling to Langkawi, Malaysia was not actually in my itinerary list during this Asian Trip. But my sister jeil, my travel buddy and fashion partner made mention of the place and asked me if we could decide to go there. Aside from the very affordable fare flying from KL, Malaysia to Langkawi via AirAsia, the flight length from Malaysia’s capital wasn’t bad either. An hour flight to get there was another plus in order for us to really put this beautiful island in our list of Asian cities to visit.

First thing in our list of things to do in the Island is to visit the Kilim GeoForest Park, another Unesco World Heritage site. When we got to the hotel, we were asked by their receptionist if we wanted to do any tour package. She introduced us to this mangrove tour package which was basically the Kilim GeoForest Park Tour. It includes Sea eagles, crocodile, monkeys sightings in the area, fish feeding, bat cave tour and a free lunch in a floating restaurant. It costs us RM130/person or 32 usd/person.

Tanjung Rhu Boating Center

After breakfast at the hotel, at exactly 9 am, we were picked up by a private car with another couple who will be doing the tour with us. We were brought to the Tanjung Rhu Boating Center which was our starting point for the tour.


As the motorboat started to sail, karstic hills in various shapes and sizes, floating houses, white sands by the nearby beach greeted us. So gorgeous and relaxing! Our boat driver slowed down in some areas so we could start taking those picture perfect poses. You knew me and jeil were on it. 🙂


As we entered the mangrove area, the first wildlife sighting was the gorgeous sea eagles. It was actually my first time to see a real eagle up close and personal, so I couldn’t stop marveling at how beautiful they were.


We kept asking our driver if there are really crocodiles in the area, and he just said maybe while smiling naughtily. He knew he saw it in our faces, mine and jeil’s that we were excited to see it but scared at the same time.

Moon Lizard Crocodile


There are plenty of monkeys in the area as well. We caught this mother monkey breast-feeding her baby.


Floating Restaurant where we had our lunch

Our first stop at the floating restaurant was to do the fish feeding. I couldn’t stop myself from trying to feed the stingrays.



After the fish feeding, we headed to the bat caves, which was the last stop of the tour then we would be eating our lunch back to the floating restaurant before the tour ended.

Inside the bat caves


I say, this tour is one of the highlights in visiting Langkawi, definitely one should not miss. The mangrove forest is such a gorgeous view that gives you a relaxing feeling while going around in a motorboat. For four hours of round the forest tour, it was worth paying RM130 per person.

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