Langkawi is Boho Beautiful

Seeing Langkawi from the moment we arrived at the airport, we had to ask ourselves, is this going to be worth the trip? Aside from the photos we saw online, and from the photos I had seen from a friend, we didn’t have much idea about the place. Jeil said she had seen Langkawi being featured on Travel TV and she mentioned about the Langkawi Famous Skybridge. Based on my own research, Langkawi has a few nice beaches, waterfalls, and a gorgeous mangrove forest. I am a big fan of nature and its beauty so it’s not  hard for me to fall in love with Langkawi based on the photos I have seen. But the moment we stepped out of our plane, Langkawi greeted us with a blazing 95 degrees fahrenheit temperature with a very high humidity. Their’s is an international airport which caters to other neighboring countries but very small and not quite modernized. We had to walk from the middle of the airfield where the plane had completely stopped to the inside of the airport to claim our luggages. From that alone, did we need to expect more?

We hired a taxi to our hotel the Langkawi Seaview Hotel (take note: pre-pay for a taxi inside the airport ) and paid 30RM or 8 usd  for a 30 minutes drive. Yes, the taxi is cheap. They also have private cars for rent, but if you’re a couple who will only be staying for 2-3 days, taking a taxi will be more reasonable and cheaper.

Eagle Square – Symbol of Langkawi

We arrived in Langkawi mid afternoon and was already too exhausted to get out and explore the island. But the next day, early morning after breakfast, we saw the real beauty of Langkawi, though insanely humid, we were too excited to miss anything that passed through the glimpse of our eyes to the flashes of our cellphone cameras and DLSR. Langkawi, is BOHO beautiful!

Langkawi Skybridge – 2300 ft above sea level



This is my second suspension bridge experience. The first one was in Colorado for the Royal Gorge. But during that time I wasn’t scared to walk through to the other side of the bridge. This one here in Langkawi made me weak. It gave me all the tingly feeling from the top of my head down to my toes. The walkway is narrow and when the wind blows hard, the bridge sways a little bit feeling like a giant hammock overlooking the island of Langkawi.

Getting to the bridge was quite an awesome experience as well. We had to take the skycab which is actually what you would pay for the basic package. RM45 or 11 usd/person, that includes the skycab ride, the skydome and a 3d movie and when you stop at the last station, that’s where the skybridge is located for an additional RM5 for the entrance fee.


This is a must do in Langkawi! The rocks are said to be 550 million years old. The climb is so breathtaking. You see the jungle, and a beautiful panoramic view of Langkawi. An exhilarating experience that’s indeed very enjoyable.




When you just want a relaxing, quiet experience, Langkawi is the perfect destination. I didn’t make it to their beach but I didn’t have to see much to say that it’s beautiful. It’s not probably a place where you have to come back again and again, but it’s a place worthy for a visit to see and to experience what it can offer.


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