How Will Singapore Charm You?

I haven’t known about traveling yet, I have heard of Singapore already. People talked about it as a clean city, organized, disciplined and highly-developed. When I saw the city/country for the first time, I couldn’t agree more. Right from exiting at the airport, I was impressed by how beautiful the streets are, flowers are planted in the right places and trees are trimmed nicely. It truly is a garden city as how it is tagged.


Stevens Rd

Ok, the infrastructures impressed me but not the location of Singapore geographically. Singapore lies very close to the equator which explains its hot climate and which also means regardless of which month you will be visiting Singapore, it will always be hot.  I thought I’ve already experienced the worst kind of heat because I live in Texas. But in Singapore, it’s hot and humid at the same time.

Raffles Place


Not minding about the heat and the high humidity, we explored the streets of Singapore. Jeil and I took their MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)  going to places, I am again impressed. I haven’t ridden an MRT like that of Singapore. Fast and nice looking cars. Riding a taxi can get so expensive in Singapore, so MRT and buses are a big help for both tourists and the locals while going around the city everyday.


Resto Tents Beside Raffles Place

Eating in a restaurant in Singapore can be costly as well. We spoke to  a taxi driver who took us to the airport heading out of Singapore, who told us that Singapore is not an expensive city as what we thought. Just because we are tourists and we don’t know the places where we could eat and buy affordable stuffs, that’s why we think it is expensive. Well, I agree and disagree at the same time. The fact that we are tourists and we go to the spots where tourists go and we eat the food that’s highly priced, is inevitable. To put it simply, we don’t have much of a choice.


It’s probably cliche to take a picture with the MBS at the background, but yes, you just gotta have a picture with it on the background. They know exactly where you are, you are in Singapore when they see the Marina Bay Sands.



I was waiting for a chance to pose in front of the merlion without the crowd but I didn’t get a chance at all. The place is very touristy and the chance of you taking a picture with just you and the merlion is slim to none.

MBS at night
Singapore Flyer
Singapore Super Trees

We weren’t contented of the MBS pictures we took during the day time, so we tried to do it again at night from the Gardens by the Bay. They have a place there where you can actually take the escalator and have a view of the MBS, Singapore Flyer and the Super Trees and the city of Singapore all around you.

Singapore for me, is no doubt a pretty city. But would I come back to visit? No! Singapore is an expensive city/country regardless of what it can offer. It’s a place for high end travelers and shoppers. So if you have the money to splurge why not? I am not the type to splurge my money in Singapore though, even if I will have plenty.

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