A Tribute To Japan

Less than a month ago, I was this excited traveler going around Asian countries including “The Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan. I left Manila too early in the morning of March 20th, with too much anticipations of wonderful stories and memories I would be creating with a good friend of mine who has been residing in Japan 10 years now if I am not mistaken.

Two years ago on a transit flight from Manila to the United States, husband and I had to make a full day stop in Japan. At the airport, I was given 3 days shore pass while my husband was given 90 days tourist visa in the country. I was not an American citizen then. This time on my solo trip, I was given the same 90 days tourist visa upon arrival for being an American passport holder. In my mind, I was wowed! When I was a young girl, I have always wanted to visit Japan. When I started loving history and literature, the more I wanted to visit Japan. When my friend went to Japan to work, she didn’t know I envied her. It’s true :). (She might be reading this so now she knows). What is it about Japan that I wanted to see and that I wanted to experience?

So travel channels, magazines, blogs, and stories of people who have been to Japan, mirrored the amazing tales and epic stories we have known from history books and world literature. There’s the magnificent fortresses of ancient Japan rulers, remnants of ancient history preserved and some are reconstructed for the next generations of Japanese people and for the whole world to see.

Edo Castle – Tokyo Japan
Moats surrounding the whole castle

There’s the world class Japanese Zen Gardens that will just wow you with its tranquility and beauty especially at a certain time of the year where the cherries and the plums bloom in the spring time or when the trees change its colors in fall.

Japanese Garden Inside Edo Castle


There’s the Japanese world class infrastructures, the railways, the famous bullet train, the food, the fashion, the wonderful Japanese people, the list goes on and on.

Tokyo Skyscrapers 
Japan Railway – Osaka Station
Japan’s Shinkansen – Bullet Train
Sushi, tempura, soba, udon, yakituri everywhere


Japanese girls wearing their traditional kimono dresses


One thing I observed, Japanese women are not pants and tees types of women. They bundle up for the weather in spring usually wearing skirts, tights, and coats.

What is there not to like about Japan? Nothing!

As I am writing this post, I say my prayers for the country for the massive quake that just happened a few days ago. My heart goes out to the Japanese people in Kumamoto. Japanese people, you have such a beautiful country! You will always rise up no matter what adversity strikes.  Stay strong. The sun will always shine on you, as you are Japan, the land of the rising sun!

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