Alaminos’ Hundred Islands – Sun, Tan and Fun!

Alaminos, Pangasinan has been captivating to me even before I visited it in person. I am the kind of girl who gives all ears to hearing stories of legends. And Alaminos has one, a great legend in fact. The Legend of the Hundred Islands. When I told my sister and my cousin that I wanted to go somewhere nice in the Philippines  before I fly back to the States during my vacation there in March, we googled a few places and then I remembered, I always wanted to go to Alaminos and see the hundred islands. They agreed upon my whim decision when I said, let’s go there. The advantage of having a sister and a cousin who wants to go to places like I do. They support your decision right away.


So we were a mob, right? I just mentioned my sister and my cousin and you are seeing a whole bunch of people. Well, they are still family. And what good is the fun when it’s not shared. So we quickly gathered the things we needed the afternoon before we headed on the trip, went to the market and bought all the ingredients we needed for the food that we were going to cook to bring with us. Right at about 12 midnight everything was set and a van full of excited tripanistas we squeezed ourselves together. And the trip began.

I haven’t had a long trip in Luzon before riding in a private car. I was thinking it would be fun, I could actually replace Kuya Peter in driving while everybody else sleeps. But the thing is, it would be my first time to drive there too and the roads and other motorists probably not so friendly to a first-timer like me so Kuya Peter actually drove from Manila to Manaoag – our first stopover to see and attend the mass in our Lady of Manaoag.


As a catholic, I might not be devoted but it felt so good to have attended an early morning mass in this famous church in Pangasinan. The Lady of Manaoag is said to be miraculous and has been continuously visited by people from around the country. We stopped there for about 2 hours and since we were on another mission, we didn’t waste any minute and continued to drive to Alaminos, Pangasinan.


Look at these happy faces in the boat heading to the hundred islands. We rented the whole boat which got 2 boat operators who were going to stay with us through the rest of the day and would bring us island hopping. It was a package we had to pay from Alaminos’ tourism office, we took the package which was for 10 people.


View taken from the highest point of Governor’s Island

When we got there, the kids jumped into the water right away. The place is stunning. We were dropped off the governor’s island first and had to stay there for a couple of hours before we hopped on the next ones. The islands got their own particular name, the big ones I should say. Each got their own particular beauty and enchantment to its visitors.

Children’s Island

Obviously, there were plenty of kids. 🙂 Little cuties having fun in the shallow water. Hence, I should say, where the island got its name from.


All the islands we had visited were terrific. We had so much fun the whole day. It was another trip off my bucket list. Yes, it’s the Philippines. I made a promise that one at a time, I would visit places of the beautiful country which I came from. Philippines has so much to offer for a willing traveler like me. I had not any chance when I was still living there, but like I always say, it’s never too late to start now.

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