Comfort in Colors!


The moment I got a new job, I knew it would not be so easy for me to go to any place I would want to travel as how I dreamed it to be. Besides I needed the money from having a job to support my little luxuries and yes, including travel again and again when I get the chance.

The not so new job now (had been three months since I started) has been wonderful and exciting makes me direct my thinking away from traveling for the meantime. (Just for the meantime). So as what this blog is all about, travel and fashion, I was thinking, from the time that I haven’t been to a new place traveling, I would feed this with my outfits either from work, dates with my husband, hanging out with my girlfriends or just out and about by myself. I will try to take some photos blog-worthy for you! (Word is, I will try…smiles)


To start with, my new post “Comfort in Colors” describes more of my personality as a person, as a fashion blogger. I am a happy person in general and I believe the choice of colors I wear makes me even a happier person.

IMG_2787 (1)IMG_2790

Let’s make it short and sweet, for my outfit;

Cardigan – IN Studio

Top – Unbranded

Skirt – Skies are Blue

Wedges – Gianni Bini

Purse – Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere


I will see you on my next post, travel or fashion.




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