When Life Throws You Dots…

Today’s post is about some random musings while putting my outfit together and going around town to do some errands. I have these cute wedges I fell in love with that I saw on sale at Dillard’s  and as I was looking at them, it’s something that just makes me smile. The Polka Dots.


I mean who doesn’t love polka dots? White polka dots and my favorite color blue. It’s so me. I was thinking while I was smiling putting them on, this is like life throwing me some obstacles, and I find a way to get out of them. Do you see the connection? LOL! When life throws you dots, take a deep breath, find a way to smile, put on your best shoes, walk around until you get tired, sit, take a rest and by the time you get back up, you are a better, fiercer, stronger person.


I really do think, when I am a color, I am BLUE. I have so many things in my closet that’s blue, a dress, skirt, jeans, accessories and even shoes I love them in blue.


This Chelsea and Theodore dress I got from Dillard’s as well, I waited to go on sale for a while before I grabbed it. I love its hi-lo cut and the faded denim color from the top to the hem. Plus it’s super comfortable. Always a plus.


So for my outfit:

Dress – Chelsea and Theodore from Dillard’s

Wedges – Gianni Bini from Dillard’s

Purse – Speedy 25 Bandouliere by Louis Vuitton

Accessories – Shopped from my closet (Old Purchases)


I hope you guys like this post. I will see you on the next one. 🙂





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