Why Women Love Flowers

Why women love flowers?

When I empty my mind and imagine of a beautiful place, first thing pops up is the abundance of flowers in different kinds, colors, smells and sizes. Even if I try to imagine again, and  take off the flowers in there, the effort would be futile because seconds after, images of flowers pop up again. Maybe in my past life, I am a flower fairy, or a flower gardener, either of the two, I was/is a woman who will always be in love with flowers.

IMG_3313 (2)There is something about flowers that surprises me all the time. And the weird thing is, they surprise me even more when they are printed beautifully on a dress. I would honestly admit, I have obsessions with them. They make me smile, they make me happy, and I will not stop until I could buy it unless otherwise, it’s way beyond my budget. Well yeah, budget first before obsession, haha. At least I am still able to control my addiction with flowers when budget is  concerned.

IMG_3166This beautiful Leslie Fay dress is a winner. Talking about my flower obsession in dresses and the budget that I am willing to spend for it, it’s like winning an oscars, and it won the best dress, the best color, the best style, the best length, the best cost. Haha, it won everything. Well, that’s according to me because like I said, I am obsessed with it.

IMG_3286What’s more suited place to wear this dress is the vintage looking San Antonio Mission San Jose. In my previous post here, about 2 years ago I went to visit this world heritage site in San Antonio and had missed this church because it closed at 5. Finally was able to visit there this time during the labor day weekend.




The place feels so rustic and old, magnificent yet eerie. But I won’t mind going there again and again and bring me a great photographer for some nice fashion photos. And wear another fabulous flower dress. Which brings me to  our question again, why women love flowers?

My answer, because I can wear them!

So for my outfit:

Dress – Leslie Fay by Dillards

Shoes – Bamboo

Purse – Michael Kors Handbag

Sunnies – (Old Purchase – unbranded)

I hope you guys enjoy this, see you on the next one 🙂



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