Before Summer Ends

So here’s the story, the sun wasn’t showing brightly today. And after I finished fixing my “I love me fashion room”, cleaned it up and disposed some messes that I kept in there for awhile, (ahhh, so relieved you just don’t know how proud I am with myself for doing that. Haha. My room feels so much better and cleaner) husband asked me if I wanted to get out and have lunch outside. Hmmm, we are so not gonna eat out anymore I told myself coz I have been dieting for about 2 months now while doing some workout routines just at home and goodness gracious, this thing works for me. Can you believe that? I had gone to a few gyms before and now I could see the difference of working out in the gym and working out at home, the gym thing doesn’t work for me. Well, anyway I think I will be telling you more of this later when I get a chance to write an article about my diet and routines and all that, in a different post. Okay? Laters baby. Ahhhh, that’s Mr. Grey’s line. Haha, and the second installment of the 50 shades of grey is coming out early next year. And yes, I am excited. The first one was nice, in my opinion it was classy. And yes, I can’t wait to see it, in a darker shade. 😀


So we ended up having lunch at home. We had some baked salmon with veggies medley and a little rice of course. Yum! And after lunch I told my husband, I want to go out though and drive around and take some pictures. And he was like seriously, the sun is not out and you won’t have some good pictures baby. Lol! You are gonna look gloomy in the photos. Ohhh, he was thinking about the photos right? But more so like, he was thinking that he was going to be my photographer again and I would be dragging him everywhere. My poor baby. But anyway, he would end up being cooperative though after a little discussion (I mean little arguing). Hehe.

And so we drove to the lake nearby but unfortunately, it was closed for people who will just be hanging around and taking pictures like us. So what to do now, my sweet husband asked. He said the sun is not out anyway, better luck next time. And so we drove back home and on our way back, the sun peeped through the clouds like shining brightly just enough for me to scream and was like, baby, park at the side, hurry up. The sun is out. Haha! I want a photo in the middle of the highway. Like, an empty highway and that part of town was a perfect spot. I was super happy. We got out of the car, checked for safety and then 1, 2, 3, the shots were done. Haha, I am an official blogger now!


Our first try with those dark clouds.

Okay, so let’s talk about my outfit for a little bit. The adorable bardot top and flirty daisy skirt. This past monday, I went to my favorite thrift store coz it was 99 cents monday, and I actually have an upcoming video thrifting that day, just haven’t finished collating it yet but these two cuties were from there. The bardot top was $3.98 while the skirt was 99 cents. The only reason I grabbed the top even if it wasn’t 99 cents because I wanted to pair it with the skirt because I know they are going to be perfect together. Yes, these 2 for $5 bucks, what could be more perfect than that?


And this little lovely bucket purse from Betsey Johnson, I am super in love with it when I saw it at the store I said I am going to buy it when it goes on sale. I kept my fingers crossed it was still there. And oh yeah! My fashion fairy saved me one. Very sweet!

A recap of my outfit:

Bardot top – thrifted

Daisy Skirt – thrifted

Shoes – Qupid

Purse – Betsey Johnson

Sunnies – Tory Burch

Watch – Marc Jacobs

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I will see you on the next one. Stay fabulous you guys.




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