I Wear Olives (Some Fashion Blogging Tips)

Sundays are for church, for family hang out, for football, and yeah for cute dresses too. Did you guys do any of these today? I am pretty sure you did. And here’s mine obviously. Let’s skip the church, the family hang out and the football, coz maybe these things are a sensitive issue to tackle and I don’t want to go in there. Let’s go over to cute dresses. Hehe. So girls who love fashion I think face the same dilemma all the time, we have tons of clothes in our closet and then come Sunday or date day/night, it’s surprising that it seems like those clothes all of a sudden disappear in our sights. Here comes the famous line, I don’t have clothes to wear. Hahaha! Of course, there are tons of clothes. If the closet can talk, it would scream right there in that very moment, like seriously? What do you call all of these junks you stuffed me with? Haha (not junk, ok). Some might be junks though. But hey guys, if this happens to me (which happens a lot of times and happened today too), I have a little secret to share. I thought of food. I know we were going to eat at Chili’s, so I was thinking of fajitas, of peppers, of onions, of salads, and then I thought of olives. Haha! Oh yeah, olives! I have a dress like that of an olive color that I haven’t worn yet. And then I started from there. And so I hurried up and looked for it and was like oh my gosh, it’s perfect for the shoes that I haven’t worn too before. Come to think of it, the thought of olives helped.


There’s this little city nearby that’s kind of old and rustic in some ways that I wanted to go all the time, I asked my husband to bring me over there before going to chili’s and so we could take some pictures for y’all. We didn’t hang out there, okay? It was too hot to hang out. Hehe. But husband was very cooperative today, he asked me to pose here and there and viola, this little blogger was more than happy. (Another secret guys, if you blog, or you want to and you don’t have a photographer but your husband, a cute dress and a sweet smile that he can’t resist. He will do the photoshoot for you….wink)


What did I tell you? He asked me to pose, and I did. I have to tell you another blogger lesson though. Guys, if you are not comfortable of the outfit you are wearing even if it’s just for the show, it’s so hard to get a nice photo. So you need to be comfortable in order for you to be confident during the photo shoot. The weather is hot, there are people that’s probably looking at you, (but who cares) but if you are confident enough with what you wear, the photoshoot will be done as smoothly as you want it to be.


This contemporary look is good for a day in the office and even a date night. You can throw on some business casual blazer/jacket for an office look.

Where I got my outfit from:

Dress – AX Paris

Shoes – Qupid

Purse – Karl Lagerfeld Paris

Sunnies – Amazon

Watch – Bulova

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will see you on the next one 🙂



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