Define Yourself Challenge

I read in one blog I came across that defining yourself is a highly personal process, and no method of defining yourself is “wrong”.

I strongly agree.

I can define myself in any form, shape or fashion, it’s how I see myself and other people’s opinion about me or how they see me is beyond the context of me defining myself. I could define myself through my personal values, my ethics and beliefs, or I could define myself through my job description, financial and marital status or I could define myself through my race, nationality, my country or through the color of my skin. Regardless of how I do it, I wouldn’t and shouldn’t be condemned wrong. However, I don’t want to go through all these to define myself. I would like to imagine, like when I was a 5 year-old kid who was excited on her first day in school and introduced herself in front of the class and was asked what she wants to become someday.

In the simplest way possible, I would say; I’m Rhea. I am the eldest in the family of six children. I want to become a doctor someday. There, I defined myself through my dream and how I envisioned myself possibly 20 years after that day. Was it difficult defining myself then? No, it wasn’t. But growing up, I learned that to become a real doctor is not as easy as playing “doctor” when you were kids and you were playing “house” and your baby is sick and needs to be brought to a doctor. Eventually, there has been change of plans. Or worst scenario, you graduated high school and  there are no plans at all. In your mind, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. But sometimes, life doesn’t always favor you that way. You need a plan. Something real. Something that you can be proud of and say, this is me. This is who I am, this is what I want.


I would like to say, the challenge is about defining yourself through something that you envisioned you become in general. Not something that you already are. Instead, you define yourself through something you are not and yet you want to become.

At this phase of my life, I know what I want . I want to become a world traveller and appreciate the beauty of the world through nature, art and fashion. Nature relaxes me, art bewilders me, and fashion tickles me. It’s something that I love to do all the time. And like what my husband tells me from time to time, some things I do, don’t make sense, but to me, they probably don’t make sense, but they make me happy and that alone is enough for me to go on.


Ok, so I don’t wish to become a fashion model. LOL! I just want to be clear on that. I wish to someday be able to define myself through my fashion, my travels, and my quest of happiness through these things.




So I pass on the challenge to you. Define Yourself.

For my outfit:

Top: Worthington

Palazzo Pants: Buffalo (the length is too long on me, so I shortened it and used the extra fabric for my scarf.)

Blazer: I.N. Studio

Shoes: Qupid

Purse: Thrifted

Sunnies: Amazon

Watch: Bulova

See you on my next post.



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