Railroad Dreamland Bucket List

One day I would like to get off on a train and take pictures at the tracks but on that trip on my bucket list, the Trans-Siberian train  from Moscow, Russia to Beijing, China. How amazing would that be! I can imagine a long, exciting, exhilarating trip passing through beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, and cliffs.  And a bunch of crazy colorful ootds. A railroad dreamland it is~!



For my outfit:

Top – thrifted

Pullon Pants – Levi’s

Sneakers – Payless

Watch – Bulova

Purse – thrifted

Sunnies – Amazon

What about you? Do you like riding on a train? Is the trans-siberian trip in your bucket list too? Let me know, maybe one day we can get tips from each other 🙂







  1. shauntay clemons | 28th Oct 16

    Live the outfit and I would go with you on that tripa

    • rhea_taylor2005@yahoo.com | 29th Oct 16

      oh girly thank u. and yes that’s my dream trip. hehe. let’s save some more for that, hehe coz it’s kind of costly. one day, we might be able to do that together. 🙂

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