You Just Need To Explore

Today’s post is about a conversation I had with a good friend of mine who is always nice and sweet enough to take pictures of me and my outfits. While we were enjoying our dinner at some Panamanian restaurant in the downtown in our area, we mentioned that in Texas there are really a lot of things to do and to see and a lot of places where we can eat, we just need to explore.


I have never frequent our downtown, for some reason before when I just got here in Texas I thought it’s raggedy and dirty. But much to my own amazement it wasn’t really bad at all. It’s not a big downtown, it’s nothing like Austin or Dallas or San Antonio but to be able to appreciate what’s in there although not much, the Panamanian restaurant for example though it’s like a hole in the wall, the food was simple yet good.


Texas is as big as you can imagine. I have been to many downtowns, and cities and little towns but I am pretty sure I haven’t been to even half of what composes of Texas. I am planning to explore all of it though one adventure at a time.  What can I say, I love Texas! One day, though born and bred in the Philippines, I will be able to call myself a true Texan girl.

My outfit is inspired by my obsession of fedoras and booties and hue tights. Today was the kind of weather that you just wanted to dress up and bundle up lightly and walk around until your feet tell you to stop.

I hope you enjoy this outfit post. Thank you for visiting my blog.




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