Free People – A Day in Fredericksburg, Texas

I live like free people. There is fashion and there is you. Most of the time you hold back thinking of what other would say about how you dress and how you look. But then in between you and fashion there is freedom. It’s in the middle so you and fashion will meet half way and attain that freedom in whatever you please to wear and to do.


When I saw this beautiful maxi from free people, I knew I gotta have it. It comes in different colors, and I couldn’t help  but grabbed 2 pieces, the other one is blue which I wore here during my trip in Malaysia.

During our recent visit in Fredericksburg, Texas, a lovely german town about two and a half hours from where we live, I had the joy of wearing this olive color free people maxi. Every twist and turn was a signature of the brand name free people. It was so empowering to wear such beautiful maxi. It’s like wearing a huge comfortable blanket. Yet it is so feminine, fun and easy.


This is one of reasons why we love to go to Fredericksburg, the Enchanted Rock. It’s not in the city limit. It’s about 25 minutes away. This is my second time to supposedly hike up to the top and take a photo with the Texas hill country as the back drop, but it was already closed when we got there at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday. They usually close at 4:30 but unfortunately, the park closed at 3:30 that Sunday and we didn’t bother to ask the reason anymore.


But we still managed to take some photos by driving passed the gate there is view which you can see when you park your car at the shoulder of the road and see the rock from another angle. One day, I want to go back and climb at the summit and take a bunch of photos from the top.


Before going back home, drop by at the Fredericksburg shopping center where a bunch of shops from novelties, antiques, fashion and art can be found. There are also a series of german restaurants in the area where you can enjoy a great lunch or dinner.


And of course these adorable hats and fedoras I took a snap from one of the shops.


We didn’t eat at Fredericksburg this time because we were so hungry to wait so we stopped at this restaurant in Marble Falls which is overlooking the Marble Falls Lake and enjoyed some delicious seafood meal before we continued on our trip to Fredericksburg.

It was a wonderful short trip that husband and I enjoyed and I am pretty sure you would also enjoy when you visit the place. That little town has many things to offer, we just haven’t explored a lot. And there are also neighboring places that you can visit for some other kinds of enjoyment and fun.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for visiting my blog.




  1. Ruth | 15th Nov 16

    the views look better because you’re in it!! You look lovely in that dress!!

    • | 15th Nov 16

      thank u my love 🙂

  2. masaru shoji | 15th Nov 16

    the dress fits u well.

    • | 15th Nov 16

      Thank u 🙂

  3. Juliet Wilson | 15th Nov 16

    Pretty place and a pretty dress for a pretty lady!

  4. Rejine | 15th Nov 16

    Love your outfits so much! Looks very comfy. 😍

  5. Ma bebian Barbero | 15th Nov 16

    I like your dress 😊

  6. Yam | 15th Nov 16

    you look great in that dress! It fits you well ☺️

  7. rubyjoy bonitabarberosalibay | 15th Nov 16

    I love ur dress and the place where there are lots of cactus…

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