Playing With Gray

Today’s outfit post is something monochromatic. Something I don’t usually do because as I have already established, I have a strong relationship with bright and fun colors. But sometimes, it’s fun to experiment and that’s exactly how I am, I am open to ideas and experiments but still maintains a particular “me” in my style.





img_4495-1A fun and big blanket scarf is my go to accessory now aside from my watch and my sunglasses and hat. It seems like when it’s chilly, I couldn’t live without my scarves. They always come in handy. Yes, it’s a collection in the closet already and I am still picking up some more from here and there shoppings.

I am actually making some diy scarves to add to my collection and hope I can show you some in the next outfit posts.

What do you think about this outfit? I hope to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my blog and you can leave a comment down below anytime you want.




  1. Juliet | 8th Dec 16

    You know your way around fashion, so even when you have dull colors on, you still look vibrant! Be careful walking on those rocks though. 🙂

    • | 9th Dec 16

      thanks jul, yeah i know the inclination of the rocks actually higher than in the picture so kinda scary when we did the photoshoot but I was trying not to hurt myself, thank u

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