Keep on Blushing

If there was one color I kept on crushing in 2016, it would be the color “blush”. Every single time I saw it, I would literally stop and feel the material of any cute item in stores that were in that color.

But for some reason it took me awhile to grab something in this color, I kept on procrastinating. But came black friday of last year and I saw this adorable chic long cardigan from heavenly couture, I couldn’t just say no. I mean it’s super comfy, perfect length for me and the color is too soft for the feel.

In this outfit, I paired it with something basic. White tank top and distressed jeans with DIY embroidery but something strappy for the shoes and even my Michael Kors sunnies are blushing on how cute this cardigan is.

I am looking forward to adding more of this color in my closet. Trust me, this color has such a great feminine aura on every woman.

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit post. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will see you on the next one.





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