Why Visit San Francisco?

Well, why not?

One cold afternoon, a friend and I decided to meet up at a Thai noodle house and have some good soup. And I don’t know if it was the weather or what, but we just talked about going somewhere all of a sudden. I believe it was just the adventurers in us. We talked about New Orleans. Actually never mentioned of any other place aside from NOLA. So as we went home, we agreed we would look for affordable plane tickets and a hotel accommodation. As I was about to type New Orleans on the search bar, the thought of San Francisco all of sudden snatched that moment. It was a strong urge that instead of New Orleans, I typed in San Francisco.

Oh San Francisco!

Okay, so our plane ticket was very affordable. We paid a little over $200 for round trip non-stop flight from DFW to SFO. I should say that’s one of the main reasons why we pushed through with the impulsive decision of booking the trip right away. I had flown to California before and based on my own research, usually Texas to California plane tickets  could go around $300 or more for a round trip. So $200 to San Francisco is not a bad deal at all.

The fare deal is very important I know. But so much for that, let’s move on to how was our own experience in San Francisco enough for us to convince you that it is really worthy to be added to your bucket list.

Our experience was SUPERB!

Here’s why…..

  1. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION -How convenient it is to have a rapid transit from the airport to the city proper of San Francisco? The BART is very easy to figure out, no traffic of course and a lot cheaper.

About 30 minutes from SFO to Union Square your BART fare is only $8.95. If your flight is domestic you transfer to International Terminal G where the BART is via Airtrain at SFO, take the BART to Powell Station if your hotel is around the Union Square area.

Aside from the BART of course, the convenience of buses, taxis, ubers and lyfts and even San Francisco’s world famous trolley is all accessible for you.

San Francisco’s world famous cable car

2. FOOD – Do you ever go to a certain city for the first time and not want to explore its restaurants and eateries? You heard San Francisco is famous for its restaurants and food trends? It’s famous for one reason. The food is distinctively delicious. All the restaurants we had eaten we were never disappointed.

OSHA Thai Restaurant near Embarcadero
Moulin Rouge Breakfast Cafe at Geary St.

And of course if you want some great chinese cuisine, you can head to Chinatown, and it has plenty.

3. The SHOPPING – Okay, so we didn’t really go “real” shopping on this trip but we did window shopping. You know girls together on a trip we always find time and places where to shop, right? And San Francisco has tons and tons of shops where you can go. From the boutiques and famous retailers lined up in Union Square to the souvenirs and novelty shops in Chinatown.

4. The WORLD CLASS ATTRACTIONS – San Francisco is home to some of the world’s famous attractions. Number one in the list of course is the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. So is to see and to walk at the Golden Gate Bridge or to ride the world class cable car in the hilly San Francisco in your bucket list? If not, it should be.

Look at this beauty! No matter what angle you look at it, it’s terrific! Beautifully constructed and situated. We marveled at the bridge starting at the Crissy Field and walked our way closely and even on it. The feeling of seeing it in person, walking through it plus it was showing off some fog that day was crazy. San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, is truly a modern wonder one must see.

At the COIT Tower with my girl friend

I am 110 percent sure there are a lot more reasons why you should visit San Francisco. I am just pointing  4 main reasons amongst many. Whenever you decide to go, one thing I can assure you, you will not regret it.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I will see you on the next one!




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