The Hunt For The Blue Bonnets

Every Spring it should be a tradition of every girl in Texas to hunt for the beautiful blue bonnets. How can you not fall in love with them? They are one of the most gorgeous wild flowers out there.

We were lucky enough to find them just off the shoulder of I-35 just outside of Waco, Texas. They are in full bloom and just ideal for a photo shoot. Blue bonnets grow abundantly in the hill country as well. But they might grow everywhere in Texas every year, they don’t always grow in the same place.

For my outfit, I am wearing a copper key rompers from Dillards and yellow Gianni Bini pumps from Dillards as well. Rainbow top from Burlington and a thrifted purse.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully you will find your blue bonnets spot soon and take bunch of photos. Spring is meant for fun and lots of blue bonnets.


See you on the next post.





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