Blush + Lemon Color Combo

Pink blush plus a color pop for spring is such a darling combination. Imagine how soft the color blush is and you combine it with something strong. Like the science law, like charges repel, unlike charges attract. For me, same thing applies with this combo outfit I wore when me and the husband were filing our taxes.

My top is a vintage kind I found in a thrift store, I couldn’t exactly tell of course if it’s a real vintage or not but it’s made of 100 percent pure silk and it has a very unique print something that attracts me right away. In going to thrift stores, I usually check the racks first that aren’t my sizes because that’s where I find unique pieces that I can alter. Plus not a lot of younger crowd go and check those racks.

I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know if you enjoy going to thrift stores too and what are your best finds?




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