Maxi Skirt + Off Shoulder

By now, you probably can tell that I love maxi skirts much more than any other bottoms I could wear.  For me, they are super comfy, flowy,  easy, adorable and very feminine.

A maxi skirt paired with an off shoulder top is one of my favorite fashion pairings. I think I will never get tired of it. Probably until I am older, a lot older, hehe, you will still see me wearing these pieces.

I got this skirt from my favorite thriftstore which made me super happy because it has all the colors that I want in it. I got my dress aka top because I am wearing it as a top from  Another advantage of a maxi skirt, you can hide a shift dress through it and wear it as a top.

Well, I hope enjoy this outfit post. Thanks for visiting my blog again. Stay tuned for more outfits and a trip coming up soon. I am excited. Are you?




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