Design Portfolio (Sewing and Alterations)

If I could turn back time, I would have spent less time playing around tumbling in hays and in the sand, and spent more time with “ya” Sarya. (Ya – a visayan word for respect for an elderly lady instead of calling that person, mother.) She was very good in sewing. Excellent in fact, as much as I can remember. For somebody who didn’t have an education in sewing, she was very good. She probably had learned through her grandmother , or her mother or who knows where from. But for sure, it was only through her keen observation that she learned to be very good at her craft.

Ya Sarya was a dear friend and a neighbor. She was one of my mother’s best friends. Now, looking at my skills in sewing and my passion in fashion designing, I could only wish I will be good enough, for my mom and ya sarya to be proud of me.

My style is simple. Whatever makes me happy I wear it. And If it’s too expensive for me to buy it, I try to sew it myself.

So take a look at some of my works. Comment down below if you think you would wear it, or if it’s hideous, it’s ok to tell me I promise hehe. I kind of like the idea already that sometimes I am different. Just sometimes. (Wink)

One shoulder Ruffled Gingham Top with Bell Sleeve


The idea for this outfit comes from a modern viking outfit. It has supposed to have some accessories in the shoulders (which wasn’t worn in this photo) and an apron like thing in the waist. Which was intended for our trip in Iceland.
I am so in love with gingham outfits. If it’s actually ok for me to just be wearing ginghams whole year round I would do it. LOL! Promise. But it’s not ok right? I gotta wear something else too

This dress I sew for our trip in Iceland. The idea was simple, gingham and off shoulder and different. Haha. The only thing it’s different because of the tail that’s at the front. Honestly, it wasn’t a plan for that. But all of a sudden my whimsical side of a fashion addict told me to make a tail. Not at the back, but at the front. So there you go!

The famous never ending bell-arms

Bell arms here, bell arms there, bell arms everywhere! So I cut a tight dress and made the extra material as bell arm sleeves. And viola! I have a tiered bell arm top. Yay or nay?


To be continued…….


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