Iris van Herpen Dallas Exhibit

Being in Dallas this week was a blast of fashionable and artful experience having been able to visit the Dutch Fashion Designer, Iris van Herpen’s Collection at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was such an awesome encounter because we didn’t expect it at all. I guess I could speak for myself, (I don’t know about my friend) but I was only expecting to see some painting exhibits, sculptures and the likes. A fashion exhibit of eccentric, extraordinary collection from a young designer whose designs are worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga was a great surprise for me. I was in awe! Like literally, I was beaming with so much excitement.

Some of my favorites from the collection.

Ah, I remember van Herpen said on her video, she remembered when she was young and started having a fascination in fashion, she started collecting materials and tools without having any idea yet on what to do with them. That’s very interesting because I do believe I am exactly like that most of the time. Hmmm, at least I know I am not alone. There is a very talented artist who shares it with me.


I hope you enjoyed.




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