How To Prepare To Attend The NYFW

“This looks like some parts of the Philippines,” I told myself when I saw New York for the first time. Maybe some parts of it remind me of the bustling city of Manila, the constant blowing of horns from all kinds of vehicles, the never ending flow of tourists from all over the world, the high rise buildings and a lot more similarities from my own point of view.

My husband asked me, “Do you like New York baby?”

I said, “Nah, it’s ok. Too crowded for me!”

I shrugged my shoulders and did a mental note, “I don’t want to live here that’s for sure. It’s enough for me to see it. I probably don’t want to come back.”

But hey hey hey……

I am back! And why am I am back? Yes, you read it right. Because of the NYFW and its most coveted looks, beauty and style, all the crazy, fun and edgy street styles that every fashion junkie talks about.

Here are a series of questions I needed to find answers before I decided to fly to New York during the NYFW:

So what is the NYFW?

New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual series of events  held in February and September of each year(generally lasting 7–9 days) when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public.

Do I need an invitation to go? 

To be in NY during the fashion week of course – NO

To go to a VIP invites only fashion show – YES you need an invitation. (Even if NYFW has been in my bucket list since I learned about it, I don’t know anybody or not affiliated to anyone who has a connection to an invite only show. Maybe one day, haha! Hopefully!)

Can you purchase a ticket to see a fashion show?

YES. There are fashion shows which are free viewing to the public ( We didn’t see any this time unfortunately because of the really cold temperature some shows outside are most probably cancelled or moved to a different venue). But we purchased a ticket to the Couture Fashion Show from here.

How should I prepare for the NYFW?

As we all know NYFW is all about a celebration of fashion and style, so it would be just right to think about what outfits you are going to wear during the time of your stay in NY to witness this event.

First, think about the weather. What’s the temperature like? This time in February was not only chilly but cold. Layers, layers, layers. Sometimes I myself, underestimate how cold it would be out there. During our first night, my friends and I had to walk from the hotel to a restaurant in Times Square called “Serafina”, (we didn’t have to but it’s our first night and we just wanted to explore), I endured the whip of the cold temperature even through my layers of clothing and thigh high boots. I didn’t even have the capacity to take a photo of my ootd because I was so busy thinking in my head how cold it was.

Second, it’s all about the shoes. How comfortable your shoes should be? Very comfortable.

I actually brought 4 pairs of shoes during the trip. But ended up wearing my adidas kicks the most and my Jessica Simpson patent boots because they were the most comfortable. We did a lot of walking even if we held uber all the time to get back to the hotel and to go somewhere far.

Third, your hotel. Book your hotel where the fashion shows are or are nearby. The shows are all over Manhattan. We book our hotel at the Hudson Hotel in Central Park and it was about 5 minutes Uber ride to Crowne Plaza Hotel where we had a ticket to a fashion show.

What to wear for the Fashion Show?

Here’s mine…..

Although based on my own research, it would be best to be wearing something dark if you want to sneak in a fashion show you are planning to crash in without an invite. (I didn’t do it. It was just something I read from another blog that some people actually do or tried to do. I didn’t have the guts to do it. Haha! For the love of fashion!)

My Fashion Show OOTD:

Tweed Dress: Zara

Yellow Coat: Amazon Fashion

Boots: Jessica Simpson by Dillards

Accessories: Dillards

Be mindful that most fashion shows require a chic creative dress code. So it’s all up to you to put your outfits together. Look your best! Remember, you are there with other fashion enthusiasts like you. And, you never know who you will bump into. Right?

I might have failed to document a lot of street styles during this NYFW because of the severe cold plus it was wet and gloomy on our last day, I knew I had fun and I would want to attend it again and again if given the chance. Just being in the streets of New York during the NYFW is already a dream come true for me.

I hope you find something helpful on this post for your first NYFW experience. Or let me know  what was your experience like if you had been to one before. Comment down below.







  1. Aixa | 14th Feb 18

    Great tips, Rhea! I went a couple of times in September. There were a lot of giveaways so free manicures, free hair, free products… I only did the free events, though.

    • | 15th Feb 18

      Haha, really? That is so cool! I would love to go in September. Maybe we can meet next time. 🙂 Thanks aixa.

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