How To Become a Traveler Without Traveling Far From Home

Has traveling always been appealing to you? The idea of going to a beautiful place to relax, have some fun, enjoy with a loved one has been attacking you but you just couldn’t do it. You either don’t have enough money, time or resources to realize your plans or you are just simply the kind of person who always finds a reason not to do it just because. Well, traveling doesn’t always have to be far from home. You will be amazed at the things you can do in just one day within your city having the mindset of a traveler but without traveling away. At the end of the day, regardless if you travel as a couple, as a group or as a solo traveler, it’s always the fun and the quality time that matters. So today, as husband and I enjoyed the day I want to share some ideas on how to become a traveler without traveling far from home and enjoy just the same.

  1. Just get in your car and drive. (Make sure you have a tank full of gas though) This is always the fun part. You get dressed, get ready and get in your car and while you are already on the road, ask yourself, where am I going? If you can’t think right away just continue to drive (just within your city) before you know it you already know where you are going. Trust me, as long as you know how to drive or have a reliable driver, you won’t be in trouble.
  2. Eat in a mom and pop’s restaurant that serves a good home cooked meal. ( I am sure you know one ) No chain restaurant this time. You want to feel that vibe like you are in a not so familiar place, like you are traveling.
  3. After a good meal, think of a quiet or relaxing place to go. Drive to the countryside.
  4. You are a traveler right? I am pretty sure you didn’t forget your camera, a cellphone will do as well. But a good camera is a must because you are going to be taking some pictures. Every traveler does (to build memories).
  5. Stop somewhere. A side of the road with some pretty view, a side of the lake, in a park, anywhere where you can actually breathe some fresh air and linger for a few minutes.
  6. Be mindful of the view around you. That’s mostly where you can get an idea on what to do next or where to go next. Let’s see you are standing on the other side of the lake, look across and think if you can actually go on the other side (of course,without swimming across the lake).
  7. Lastly, once you find that perfect spot where you can actually hang out, take plenty of beautiful pictures. Have some fun. Enjoy the scenery. DSC03986DSC03990DSC03998DSC04002

You think like a traveler, you behave like a traveler, you are a traveler. It didn’t cost us a plane ticket or a hotel money to enjoy. We still spent some money but much cheaper than what we were supposed to spend if we went somewhere far (much more going out of the country – different level). So, no more excuses. Travel now, relax, let loose, have some fun. A pretty place thirty minutes away from home is just waiting, to be your next travel destination.


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