San Antonio Doesn’t Make Me Feel Blue

If I could drive to San Antonio every week I would and take a bunch of pictures until I get tired doing it. (But the thing is, I probably won’t get tired doing it. ) There is just too many places to see and too many things to do. If my husband would say, we will move to San Antonio, I would say yes right away 😉.

The Alamo
The Riverwalk

These are my two favorite places when I go to San Antonio. They are a walking distance from each other, you can go around by foot where the Alamo is and marvel at the cobblestone buildings and when you get tired and hungry take a pick from the many restaurants along the riverwalk. I have this habit of watching people that makes me feel relaxed. Hehe. I enjoyed watching what people are wearing, how they look and you can see plenty just sitting at a riverwalk restaurant.DSC_1332

I don’t have to elaborate this post because I know there will be more San Antonio entries that I will posting later. You might get tired of it. Hopefully not. Well, see yah!

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