Take Us To Vietnam, Jeil!

Do you remember Jeil?

Maybe you don’t but it’s okay😀. I will help you remember her on my first post with her, here.

When I first learned that my pretty little sister is going to Vietnam, my initial reaction was okay. She was going to visit her boyfriend who is currently residing there, she said. When she showed me her plane tickets, I was like oh, my little sister is not so little anymore. She has really grown up. Lol. Traveling to a foreign country on her own although she has a boyfriend waiting there for her is something. Getting and transferring from one plane to another because she had to fly from Manila to Ho Chi Minh City to Da nang. My little sister is a big girl now. And you might not call it an accomplishment but it makes me feel proud of her. Coz she is my baby. And I asked her to take plenty of pictures for us and share her experiences in Vietnam. Although she complained she had no digital camera (who doesn’t take one who travels to a certain country for the first time? Her!) she still managed to take some photos using her phone.


My first question to her, What is your first observation in Da nang?

Her answer: No crazy traffic like Manila. Haha!

I said, well maybe you were just lucky that day? She said no, how could there be crazy traffic, it’s quite provincial. People are riding bikes, motorbikes and electric bikes. There’s only few cars.


I asked her to take me to Hoi an through her own description of the city. She said, it’s nice. In every corner, it’s colorful!




When I saw her pictures even if they weren’t taken with a professional camera, I was so jealous. I read about Hoi an. And with how Jeil described it, I imagined a beautiful old town, with lots of things to offer to tourists. She said plenty of cheap hotel accommodations, family owned restaurants and tailoring shops.



Then she added, oh the food is so delicious and super cheap. Then she showed me this mouth-watering food in her photos, like literally, right now I wanted to book a flight to Hoi an already. If only I am just in the Philippines, yes I really would do it.

And she wasn’t finished yet. Of course, she complained about the weather during her stay. She said one day, it was super cold and she couldn’t stroll so the next day when the temperature got warmer, they headed off to the beach.



Lastly, I asked her about the locals of Hoi an.

You had a direct encounter of the locals, what can you say about them?



She said, they are simply great. A lot of people don’t speak English but very nice and hospitable. I smiled. I mean look at those pictures with her and the locals, like she really blended in with them.

Well, thank you so much Jeil for letting me use your photos and for letting me share your experiences of the beautiful Vietnam. I feel so anxious about our upcoming trips already. Vietnam is one country in my bucket list. And soon, yes soon. I too, will visit Vietnam.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. I will see you on the next trip.


  1. malou a.dalit | 1st Feb 16

    wow..its so nice….

    • rhea_taylor2005@yahoo.com | 1st Feb 16

      Thank you for visiting Lou

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