Manila is ❤️ – First Stop

My anxiousness of taking a vacation without my husband has been so overwhelming that I was a cry baby when he sent me to the airport as I left Texas yesterday morning for my 1 month and a half Asian vacation. Countries I would be visiting will include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and of course my home country, Philippines. My flight was so tiresome and connections were too tight as I had a very short time to go to my next flights and the starting flight from Austin was already delayed. I almost didn’t make it to my boarding time in my IAH-NRT leg. Being exhausted from your flight, the first thing you want to see when you get to your destination is a familiar face who will give you a warm smile and a big hug, and that was my sister and my cousin who picked me up at the Manila airport. I was super happy. Jet lag starting to kick in right now, so a good alternative is to go around familiar places, favorite places especially one where we could eat. And off to the Dampa Seafood Market and Restaurants we went.


Well hello Manila! This is part of what I missed about you. The sightings of jeepneys and the busy streets, the chaos, the smell of Manila, it’s crazy but part of me will never get over this. Not in a million years. How could I? Because even if I hated it at times when I lived here before, I loved it at the same time and will always love it.



And this is the market where you will always come back for fresh delicious seafood and have it cooked into a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Whenever I am in Manila, I always make sure I visit here with my family and friends.

Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu
Buttered Shrimp
Shrimp Tempura

It was the first time though that I had opted to do the buying of the fresh seafood by ourselves and not the people who worked in the restaurant where we ate. It was fun I supposed. You got to haggle a little bit, you got to choose the best looking shrimp or fish hehe. I loved it like that coz it was a little cheaper that way. But if you don’t like going around the   stalls coz the area could most of the time gets rowdy since the restaurant workers will have to talk you out so you will be convinced to choose their place among others, you can just choose a restaurant and have them do everything, all you have to do is just sit, wait and enjoy your food.

First day back in Manila was awesome. I got to hang out with my sister, my cousin and our friends and enjoyed my favorite seafood meals, what else is more wonderful than that? Although I miss my husband already. I can’t wait to fly to my hometown and stay there for a few days and have even more seafood and of course, see most of my family and friends.

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