Surigao City At Last!

After a long haul flight from Texas, I am in my hometown at last, Surigao City. Has been missed terribly although I try to visit the Philippines once in every 2 years. How couldn’t I? My favorite people are here. My family and my closest of friends. And speaking of my good friends, they were the ones who picked me up at the Surigao airport when I arrived the city yesterday afternoon. How sweet!


I am always happy to see them. Your best friends since then when you were young girls in your hometown and until now nothing has changed, we talked and giggled and shared family memories like we never separated. We drove to the nearby hotel  and a newer one in Surigao city, the Parkway Hotel. I decided I want to stay here  rather than going to my parents house which is another 20 mins drive from the city coz I haven’t had even 4 hours of sleep every day since I arrived in the Philippines from Texas, I am surprised I am still standing because I felt so terribly tired like any minute I would collapse. (It’s odd the guy behind us is holding another hotel’s name like we were advertising it in the picture. Haha! But I ended up staying in a different hotel.)


You would still want to eat even if you are tired, right? Coz hunger and tiredness are not a good combination at all. And like I promised myself, I will be eating Surigao’s seafood all the time while I am here for a few days. The Parkway Hotel has some good food. Very tasty and well presented so I am happy.

Grilled Thrills (Mussels, Shrimp, Squid, Pork, Chicken)
Chopsuey ( Mixed Vegetables with seafood and egg)

That’s it for now guys. I will be posting some more of Surigao City, so please come back and check it out. See you again soon!



  1. Wennilyn Dumanig | 26th Feb 16

    until next time yang 🙂

    • | 26th Feb 16

      thanks also. love u, til next time

  2. Thiza Isay | 1st Mar 16

    Sooooi glad to see you bonding with them! I’m so jealous… 😍☺️😭

    • | 1st Mar 16

      Every time you hang out with me, it feels like it was only just yesterday when we separated.

  3. Joel | 10th Mar 16

    Hi. I am from Canada and I stumbled upon your blog because I was looking for information on Surigao City. I have never been here but I am planning to visit early next year. I plan to travel semi-backpacker-style with my wife. Can you give me some info about Surigao City please, particularly hotels that you would recommend in the city and how to get there from the airport. Also, how to commute to Tinago resort that you featured.

    Thanks so much

    • | 11th Mar 16

      Hi Joel, it’s so nice to see you here in my blog. Surigao is just a small city with so many wonderful things to offer in the nature side. Accommodations are very affordable, if you want one that’s near the airport, i would recommend parkway hotel. Their rates range from $30-$60 per room per night. They have a free set meal breakfast as well. But if you want a hotel that’s in the city center, I would recommend Surigao City Tavern Hotel. Going to Tinago is pretty easy, when you are going to check in at the Parkway Hotel, you can walk to the Surigao Bus Terminal and look for a ride going to the Municipality of Placer, the fare is P45.00 or $1 per person one way. They will drop you off at Placer’s Public Market, just let the driver know, you are going to Tinago Lagoon. There will be boat operators waiting there to take you to the place. Their boat ride price is about P1000.00 or $21 two-way. The driver can wait for you while you stay in Tinago for 3 or 4 hours. That should be enough time to explore the place coz it’s not really that big unless you want to stay longer. It’s open until 6 PM. Other tips I stated in my blog about Tinago. Also, if you want to try the Siargao Islands, that would be an awesome experience for you as well. More things to do there for adventurers. If you have more questions, I will try to answer you to the best of my knowledge. Goodluck and hope you will really make it to my hometown next year. Best Regards!

  4. | 12th Sep 17

    From Surigao City, we had to take a boat cruising along Dinagat Islands to the northern tip of the island where Loreto lies.

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