What Is Thailand To Me?

Apart from all the towering chedis bounded by the compound walls, temples after temples, epic stories I have not known, What is Thailand to me?

2008 – My First Time in Thailand

It was towards the end of 2008 when I first stepped in Thailand, didn’t have much idea about the country, didn’t have much idea about traveling in particular that time except for the stories and photos from one of my best friends back home in the Philippines, who was there first in Thailand to work, that’s all I had.

Had I known I would fall in love with the country? Had I known I would have too many good memories in a country which people barely speak English? I only lived there for 6 months and when I left, I knew one day, I will come back.

March 2016(Bangkok Canal) – After 8 Long Years I came back

When I first arrived in Bangkok, I saw the similarity of the country to the Philippines. Well now I realized, after a while, when you have been to many asian countries, they start looking alike. But what sets Thailand apart from the rest? Thailand is a melting pot of races and cultures. A country rich in hospitality through its peoples kind gestures and warm smiles. And there’s beautiful stories of real fun and adventures. Places and food that’s loved by millions of visitors who had visited the country every year. And testimonies of people who comes back to the country again and again.

Phi Leh Lagoon – Phi Phi Li Islands
Bamboo Island
Maya Bay – where the movie “The Beach” was filmed

There’s the beautiful islands and beaches. Although they become too crowded already but still undeniably captivating. Overrated, yes! But I guess any place that becomes too touristy will really lose its pristine condition. Still, Thailand’s islands and beaches are worth a visit.




There’s the colorful grandiose temples.

And then…. there’s the spicy, hot and delicious Thai food.

Thai noodle soup and pad thai


Coconut Ice Cream and Mango with Sticky Rice

So, what is Thailand to me? Thailand to me is a beautiful country, rich in culture, rich in history, whose people are as warm and wonderful as their  delicious Thai cuisine. I will always have a soft spot for Thailand and yes, I will come back again and again if given the chance. There’s a lot more to see and a lot more to do.