How To Dress Fashionably Comfortable For Your Iceland Trip

Iceland’s  geographical location is in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle. The country’s climate is subpolar oceanic, meaning it has cold winters and cool summers. So for me, it needs some sort of outfit preparations when visiting Iceland no matter what time of the year, not only to wear gorgeous OOTDs for Instagram worthy posts, but most importantly, to keep you warm and comfortable while enjoying the massive beauty Iceland offers.


Before I came to Iceland, I had sewn a few outfits that I wanted to wear in the country. One of those, is this gingham off the shoulder dress. I knew it’s still going to be chilly during our trip even if it’s already the start of their summer time, and most probably I wouldn’t be able to wear it without wearing a coat and a pair of leggings, but I brought it with me anyway. We woke up the next morning and the sun was shining brightly, however it didn’t mean that it was not going to be chilly, right? So I was so happy to put this dress on and was hoping I could take a few pictures of the outfit before the weather gets crazy.

In Iceland, the temperature can change rapidly and from sunny to rainy, no wind to high winds. One main reason, why you need to come prepared.

So after two hours of touring the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the temperature starting to drop making my off the shoulder gingham dress unfit for the occasion. Well, I had taken a few pictures and I was ready like a girl scout that I am. I brought my heavy coat with me and a pair of leggings and I was ready to take some more pictures again.

Make sure to bring a pair of comfortable sneakers and a heavier coat. I had mine from Sperry’s and Guess. They made me warm enough during the whole duration of our stay.

Another thing you need to make sure is to bring some comfortable rain boots. When we arrived in Iceland it was misty and when we left it was still misty. I supposed Iceland is the Seattle of the Arctic. You might  not need it but like the old adage says, “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Layers, layers, layers, is the secret to traveling in Iceland. Bring you some gloves, your favorite fedora hat, your favorite scarf, knee high socks, leggings and all kinds of warmers that you can think of. Those things are not so heavy and don’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage.

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries we’ve visited so far. So shopping there is not advisable either. And if you had forgotten to bring something, you don’t want to be spending double or triple the amount just because you badly need it while you are there.

Before I end this post, here’s my OOTD Roundup for the most important things (fashion) you need to bring in your trip to Iceland:

  1. Coat (Heavy Coat and a Windbreaker)
  2. Sneakers
  3. Rain Boots
  4. Gloves
  5. Poncho and light jacket
  6. Layering Basics – tee warmers (turtleneck and long sleeves), leggings, tights, lots of socks
  7. Scarves and Stoles
  8. Hat
  9. Swimsuit – for your blue lagoon or secret lagoon experience

I hope these things help you in planning for your Iceland’s OOTDs. Iceland is such a beautiful country. Dressing up for the weather is important, but you would be more glad to see a gorgeous photo of yours while standing next to a waterfall, or a glacier, or on top of a  lava cliff because you come prepared. 🙂

Enjoy on your trip. And thanks for joining me in mine.