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Hello. I’m Rhea.


Growing up, I remember I had a jar full of rolled pieces of paper with writings on it, the writings were the countries in the world and their capitals. Everyday, I would pick a paper from the jar and read it and memorized it. Then I would ask my sisters to test me what’s the capital of a certain country and I would answer as quickly as I could and I felt proud of myself every time I had the right answer. I knew then, one day, I would like to travel to see the world.


“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag


I was born and raised in the Philippines. In a small yet beautiful province of Surigao del Norte, I started weaving dreams. At a very early age, I wanted to see the United States of America. For whatever reason, every time someone mentioned of the country, it would always leave a mark in my mind and in my heart, enough for me to say, “One day, I will get there.”  And now that I am already here, I can’t help but thank my stars all the time. Why not? Coz America is a beautiful country. Regardless if I miss my family back home, and that I will forever love the Philippines, it doesn’t change the fact that America is beautiful, and now it’s also my home.


About The Blog

My Arms Around The World was born when I was going through these gorgeous travel and fashion blogs and I was thinking, it would be nice to have one myself to document my travels and adventures, my fashion and style and even my random musings. Now when I was going through my own photos especially the old ones, from the ones I had during my first flight to the United States which was very memorable to me because it was my first solo-lengthy international flight, I can’t help but remember the words of a friend of ours who was asked why she keeps taking photos every single moment, every single chance she has, and her answer as precious and simple as this, ” But, I am just building memories…..” and smiled sweetly.

LAX – my first solo international flight 2007

Truly, it has been quite a journey for me moving out of the Philippines to live in the United States with my husband. It’s a dream come true but sometimes before, I thought I was like a fish taken away from the water. The culture, the weather, and the food is different from what I had been accustomed to. But my husband, as precious and wonderful as he is, has always been sweet and generous of his time to give me his support and help so I will feel gradually at home in my new country. I learned how to drive and had landed a job to keep me busy and occupied and to make my own hard-earned money. You see, this is me grasping the world, embracing it gracefully. I guess, part of me wanting to travel and wanting to see the enormous beauty the world offers, is the fact that the United States has been wonderful to me and it motivates me to see more. It makes me appreciate a lot of things. Like every time I have to go visit the Philippines, it makes me all so gaiety and excited knowing that I am visiting a country which is my first home and after how many weeks I will come back to this country I call as my second home. It makes me see things in a different perspective, that there’s always a distinctive beauty in each country. I both love the US and the Philippines, but I wouldn’t say that, if I haven’t seen and experienced living in both countries, would I? And for this alone, I am grateful. It gives me hope and excitement to see more beauty in the world despite of all the complete chaos, atrocities, lies and crimes that are continuously going on.

For me, you can travel in any way you want, but don’t forget your dress, your favorite outfit, and dress the way you like, accessorize beautifully and think like every corner of the world is your runway.

I hope you find something wonderfully useful in my blog, fashion or travel things.