Less Than 48 Hours in Hong Kong

The beautiful city of Hong Kong is only 1 hour and 53 minutes (flight time) away from my beloved Philippines. Before I left for the United States, I had been wanting to visit Hong Kong, but for some reason I never did. So this time around, during our short vacation in the Philippines, I made sure that at least 2 days of the 13 days we had was to be spent in Hong Kong.


Ok, so we made it there. But first things first, we weren’t by ourselves, my pretty little sister was with us and it was her first time traveling outside of the Philippines. (Yehey! And it was also the beginning of her addiction of the good life that traveling gives. Haha!)


Hi Jeil! Take note, the moment we got settled in at our hotel, the Hotel Ramada Hong Kong, by 1:00 in the afternoon we were literally starving. Our flight from Manila was too early in the morning like 7:15 AM. So basically, we needed to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight and so if we do the math, we had to wake up at an ungodly hour that morning. What does coffee and bagel do to you before your flight? Aside from warning you that real food will be served soon. Soon, like 7 hours after you had it.

So, Jeil and I, feeling at home already in Hong Kong, we hurried back down the hotel and checked the busy street of Des Voeux for some real food (talking about lots of rice here). There were these little food places where the menus were actually pasted in the glass walls. No photos of whatever food you are supposed to get but only writings in Chinese. Haha! So we looked at each other and was like, should we go in or not? But our stomach was growling and there were lots of people inside, it must be good! Ok, we were about to do our first adventure here. Or misadventure! The place was jam packed by locals we assumed because they were all talking in a language we didn’t understand. And then the guy who approached us handed us a menu that was all written in characters. It was a struggle. He don’t speak English, we don’t speak Chinese (except for xiexie-thank you). So we had to point at the people across our table and told the guy, (rice, same!)  He said, ok, ok….And he paused and said, ok again and left. Haha. He came back so fast and this time, he brought a life saver, an English menu. Omg! This is fun, so we thought! So much for the fun, it was chow time. The food was ok for me. But my mind was doing the mental calculations of what we had to pay. 350 Hk Dollars which was 45 usd. Man, it was expensive! I didn’t expect that at all. I am used to eating in the Philippines and even in the States  that my $10 would bring me to a buffet. (Ok, maybe I will have an enlightenment later, we will see if Hong Kong is a cheap destination or not).


So now, this is cheap, the Hong Kong tramways. Plus it passes right by the Ramada Hotel. And this is what we took going to the famous Victoria Peak. We actually had no idea where to stop but a nice English guy who was with us in the tram who happened to live there in Hong Kong was kind enough to even volunteer to escort us to the Peak Tram.


Something I have to show. Clothing street vendors. Even before I had the interest in visiting Hong Kong, I often heard of it as also famous for shopping for clothes. And we passed through some areas like this which Jeil and I had to remember because we knew we had to go back later to check it out. Minus Zack. (Coz yeah he doesn’t like shopping – not at all)


Jeil and I at the Peak Tram while we were falling in line. There were just too many people. My advice, if you are not really after the experience of taking the tram going to the Peak, just take a cab. It will get you there faster and you don’t have to fall in line with too many if it happens that it’s crowded (Smiles).


I think it was a mistake going there so late in the afternoon coz by the time it was our turn to take the tram, dusk started taking over. It was a good thing we didn’t pay for the sky deck entrance fee coz it was hazy and chilly and with our outfit, Jeil and I, we weren’t prepared for that temperature out there. I told Jeil, we would still love to look cute but we are definitely going to wear something that will keep us warm when we go up there again the next time we visit Hong Kong. No skirts. Especially in December. Hehe!



The next day, first thing on the itinerary was the Jumbo Kingdom. It’s not much to see there, we just took a few pictures and headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui station to take the boat that will bring us to the Kowloon Island.  There, we lingered at the Avenue of the Stars, watched the boats and took pictures of the pretty Hong Kong Skyline. Although hazy, we still enjoyed.




Ok so the boat ride from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon was the cheapest boat ride I ever had and also the Avenue of stars stroll was free, I should say, Hong Kong is a cheap destination but….there is a but of course, with our experience on the cab rides and a few restaurants where we ate as well as the hotel accommodation, I should say, right between cheap and expensive. I guess there are things that are really cheap and there are also things that can be considered as expensive. We didn’t have the chance to explore much of the country but I guess if we stayed longer and explored more, we would definitely find some good deals as per places we should go, restaurants, and shopping areas. Oh, and for the shopping areas we saw at the streets, they weren’t so cheap either. If I have to compare them with the Philippines and Thailand, the stalls in Hong Kong were definitely not cheap.



Hong Kong as to what I had seen, is a pretty and clean city. I enjoyed our short stay and I will definitely visit again one day, see more places, explore restaurants and discover some shopping areas. Yeah that, haha! And oh, visit Macau from there.

Did you guys enjoy this post? What are your experiences in Hong Kong while you were there? I hope to hear from you.


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