Celebrating Anniversary in Colorado Springs

The moment I laid eyes on Colorado Springs I fell in love with the place. In the State of Texas where plains are your landscape for miles and miles, seeing hills and mountains in the State of Colorado is like a breath of fresh air. Well, I am a mountain lover, not the activities I can do in the mountains but the scenery and that feel of nature is what I love when I see places like the Colorado Springs.



I loved how my husband thought of Colorado Springs to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary. I wanted a road trip but I surely didn’t want somewhere that is so far away though. Even if Colorado is more than 13 hours away from where we are in Texas, still considered a long drive but very tolerable for a road trip and celebrate your wedding anniversary the next day. A month before we went there, my husband asked me to look up Colorado Springs online and see if I like it or not. I mean he was kidding, right? But being a sweet husband that he is, he still considered my opinion about the place. Well, thank you husband and of course, when I saw the Garden of the gods, the 7 falls, the royal gorge, I was like beaming with excitement and I was like yes, yes, that is where we are going. Haha!


We stayed at this resort for 3 days, Cheyenne Mountain Resort and we were not disappointed. The place was perfect for a couple romantic getaway considering this place is quiet and the mountain view as the backdrop was so picturesque.




I should say, May is a perfect month to go up there and see the beauty of Colorado Springs, it’s spring time and you can see the evergreen mountains and if you want to go up to the Pikes Peak to see some snow, a friend of ours said we still could do it and it would still be pretty up there though not a lot of snow like the winter time, but we opted not to get the tour and just did our own itinerary roaming around the city.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and get some ideas and consider  Colorado Springs for your next trip.

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