Two Days of Sand, Wind and Fun in South Padre Island

South Padre Island is famous for its promise of having the best beach in Texas where one can enjoy luxurious sand and blue green waters. Located at the southernmost part of Texas, very close to the Texas-Mexico border.

Husband brought me to the Island to celebrate my birthday. It’s a 7-hour drive from Austin but because of the photos I saw online that are of course really captivating, of course I don’t mind going there, sitting in the car for 7 hours would be nothing. So the trip began. We left the house right around noon time and basically arrived there at around 6 pm . I was super excited right? This was sometime first week of march, we were going to celebrate my birthday there, enjoy the beach, relax and have some fun, lo and behold, when we got there, the wind was ridiculously crazy. We left Austin, the weather was fine, we had been checking the weather it was supposed to be no wind as serious as what we had encountered the moment we arrived at our hotel. Like there some kind of tornado or something. And of course because the hotel is right in the beach front, the wind was not only crazy but super cold. Huh! This was great! But hey, we decided that we were not going to let the wind ruin our short stay in the Island.

So the next day, we eagerly explored the island (still windy but had calmed down a little bit) and this is what we saw. 11037568_842896892448093_3962269225404180273_n


Isn’t that pretty? Yes pretty but I could really say, our time of visit was not pretty. I would have loved to play in the water, or I could have laid in the sand, chill out, watch the waves, enjoy the sun, but none of it was possible that time. Although the wind had already calmed down a little bit. But I took pictures of myself instead. Just a few, so we could get out of there. 11025647_843355322402250_1558716114429551770_n



My boots came in handy. I was gonna wear my slippers for the beach expecting the weather would be nice, but I was so happy I brought my lovely comfortable boots. And a knitted cardigan, for the sun had peeped out but still chilly eh.

There was not much to do in South Padre Island, the beach, that’s about it. I love the beach but it’s not something I would want to come back for again and again. I was glad to see it to get away that South Padre Island itchiness like a spring breaker hehe. I already saw it, I probably don’t want to come back. Maybe one day with friends, who would want to cross the Texas-Mexico border hehe. I am in!


On our drive back home, I enjoyed this more than anything else. The wildflowers of Texas. This was some area past Brownsville. They were so pretty I could lay there and take plenty of pics but I didn’t coz I didn’t want to destroy them. I saved some for the other wildflowers fanatics like me. 😀