Most of the Best Things in Life are at Home

I remember…….when I was a young girl things were a lot simpler. Things were simpler. Happiness was hanging out with best friends, sharing giggles with them, making dreams while not having a slightest clue yet on how to achieve them, taking blurry pictures yet treating every single photo developed as one precious memory of a lifetime, hanging out in the beach on a hot summer day not caring about the sunburn, being amazed with the pretty sunset regardless of how many times you have already witnessed it, laughing in the moonlight, doing those things over and over again with the same beautiful people. Yes, most of the best things in life are in the Philippines!

Maybog Beach ( Diaz, Anao-aon Surigao del Norte)

I was born in a very small and sleepy village in Surigao  City yet my childhood memories were bigger and richer. I grew up with such wonderful parents who ever since wanted me to get out there and have as much fun as I could as what every child in the Philippines supposed to experience. My best friends were my school buddies. They were smart, good kids, loud at times but super fun to be with. The beach was our witness on how much we loved each other. We laughed at a slightest joke, we fought at some silly stuffs, we made up, we laughed again and we were best friends all over again.

Weng, Yang, Jen ( 3 of the 8 gems)



When I saw this beautiful sunset, it brought back too many memories. Jen, one of my best friends was so excited and yelling, c’mon let’s watch the sunset. Too beautiful! I wished to watch the sunset in some famous places but I say, this one here will always be my favorite. I would love to have my husband watch this and just hold my hand until it fades away in the horizon. Another day has passed by. A beautiful day.


After watching the sunset, here comes the moonlight. How lucky can you be! Watching these wonderful things for free. And how lucky is our best friend to be able to witness this anytime she wants, with her beautiful family because her wonderful husband had built a beach house for them. The property is so gorgeous I was jealous and yet so happy for her.




The beach at one side and the nipa palm trees on the other side with the back drop of the mountains. Such a relaxing view. Fresh air, green luscious view, blue ocean waters, and oh fresh caught fish from some fishermen nearby. When they  have some catch right there they can sell it to you still wiggling straight from the ocean.


I can say, life is like a wave. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s rough. But no matter how rough it gets, you should always struggle to get back to the shore for safety. Coz at home awaits your family. Coz home is where your heart is. Same feeling I will always have for the Philippines. This has been my comfort zone . This is where I was brought up to appreciate the simple things yet valuable things in life. Like the importance of family, the importance of a good childhood. No matter where I go, no matter where my sail takes me, I will always come back to visit. And it will remain as is, MOST OF THE BEST THINGS IN MY LIFE ARE AT HOME.

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